Writer: Umbrus Syn

Editor / Production: A. Diallo Jackson

Forge Creation commissioned tracks for a score that will set the tone of the project and eventually accompany the series. Written by Los Angeles based composer Marianthe Bezzerides, "The Heroes March" harkers back to an era of children's programming where altruism is something to be celebrated and the pure joy and experience of being a child is something to always embrace and never ever forget.

More about the composer can be found here.


E.A.R.S. (Emergency Action Response Squad) is a thrilling family adventure about a secret organization hidden beneath the world's most famous and magical theme park.

In 1955, E.A.R.S. agent Bartholomew Chavez is sent on a mission from which he must never return. Years later, a new generation of E.A.R.S agents have come under attack by the mysterious Shado Organization leaving the fate of the world in the hands of children; the family members of the captured E.A.R.S. agents.

From the jungles of the Amazon to the highest peaks of the Himalayas and all the way into space, six children must unravel a set of cryptic clues over 50 years old as they race to find the key to the ''Midas Touch'' and try to save the planet ... and there's even a Yeti.